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    Everything under one roof: from sourcing to distribution at the point of sale

    Global procurement network

    Our global procurement network is a key component of our modern business model. It enables us to optimise costs, open up new markets and integrate a large number of suppliers. In this way we have created lasting sustainability and resilience at TSPC.

    Year-round delivery

    It is important for us to fulfil customer expectations in terms of convenience, reliability and speed while overcoming challenges related to adverse weather conditions, labour issues and sustainability. To succeed in this competitive environment we have invested in technology, optimised supply chains and prioritised customer satisfaction. A seamless availability of our products is guaranteed all year round.

    Retail and wholesale supply

    Both segments are essential parts of business model and serve the different needs of our customers and their consumers. This includes building strong relationships, customised agreements and efficient inventory management.

    Regular quality controls

    Our regular quality controls ensure the safety of our sweet potatoes. These checks cover a wide range of measures, from physical consistency to legal compliance. They are critical to maintaining product quality and maintaining consumer confidence in the food supply chain.

    Packaging solutions for every requirement

    As a full-service provider, it is important to us to carefully select the right packaging solutions to fulfil the specific requirements and objectives of our customers. Our customers trust our diverse range of packaging solutions for sustainable and innovative designs, which are becoming increasingly important for branding and consumer satisfaction.

    Certified company

    Certifications are not only beneficial for acquiring and retaining customers, but also for increasing operational efficiency, reducing risks and maintaining a positive image. As a core value we stand by this and are proud of the certifications we have achieved.

      We are a certified company

    We are a certified company

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